Regular Festivities

Session 1
Meet the party

Tyre Nu Rugae — played by Ryan
Kharne — played by Trevor
Zixis — played by Derrek
Duncan — played by Colin

Our setting:
Beginning on the central Origin Island in Old Man Barrow’s inn, The Fat Apple. 5 days before the Opening of the Festival
Travel out of South Port to Child of the Undersoul.
Concluded on Child of the Undersoul, in chase of a worg toward central mountain.

The Events:
Old Man Barrow has called each of the party members to his inn and showed them a moving image and accompanying sounds from the WSD Main Plaza. Scene showed a silver haired, young lady announcing that Samwhith’s Family Jewels has signed on as her primary sponsor, and that Team Otaria will not be a threat to her team. As the images fade Old Man Barrow offers the characters a sponsorship if they can put together 100GP each and if they bring him an interesting token of their prowess. He then declares that he is considering other groups, and they should visit the island, Child of the Undersoul, if they are serious.

Zixis sets off ahead of the others to sabotage other boats around the South Port, while the Old Man reminds Kharne that his father owes him a visit. As the party reconvenes, they decide to hire a flaxen haired woman named Lauriss to take them to Child of the Undersoul. Lauriss explains on the way that many groups of young adventurers have been trying to form parties for the Festival, but few are able to secure reputable sponsors or amass the entry fee. Also, many captains are reluctant to ferry around adventurers who may try to bring live monsters back on the boats. She drops them off on the northern shore of Child of the Undersoul with a flare and wishes them luck.

It is about 10am when the party goes ashore, and the weather is somewhat poor. The party members collect a few coconuts and giant pomegranates before trekking south toward the central mountain. Within the first hour, the party comes across a duergar slaver with 3 captive dwarves. Zixis quickyly ends that conflict and Duncan convinces the dwarves to follow them, now armed with the duergar’s extra weaponry. In the next clearing over, there stands a stone obelisk surrounded by almost a dozen corpses. Tyre investigates while Zixis tries to rest. As the party waits, red orbs began to appear until Tyre tries to leave. He hears a voice asking for help a Will O’ Wisp attacks. The battle proves to be rather difficult until Kharne shatters the obelisk, seemingly destroying the Will O’ Wisp. The party now finishes their rest and prepare to go deeper.

By 11:30am the party is back underway, with Zixis scouting ahead, following unusual, round hoof marks that Kharne vaguely recognizes. As Zixis runs into a pair of hobgoblin slavers, Kharne remembers that the tracks are “paw shoes” used for worgs and other mounts. The hobgoblins attempt to ambush the party, believing Zixis’ bluff that she also is a slaver, but are ultimately defeated. Tyre finds a note on one of the hobgobs and the party begins to chase down the worg that they scared off during the fight…

Regular Festivities
OR, The Festival of the Undersoul

Greetings, adventurer!

I hope you enjoy browsing the wiki and viewing the map, but it will be some time until the adventure log is populated. The pre-campaign, introductory session is currently scheduled for Friday, October 2nd, after which a log should be written for each session.

Until the festivities commence, please check back often, as updates will appear frequently.

I hope that you have fair weather and good meals, brave explorer!
Until next we meet,


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