A muscular Dragonborn barbarian that loves to crack skulls and when he's not he's practicing with his lute.

  • S:17 D:13 C:13 I:12 W:13 C:13
  • AC: 12, 14 W/ shield HP:13
  • Skills- Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidation, Performance
  • Languages- Common, Draconic
  • Breath Weapon- Lightning
  • Damage Resistance- Lightning
  • Rage
  • Unarmored Defense
  • Entainer Routine/ By Popular Demand

Favored Weapons: Great sword, Longsword, and Breath Weapon


When Kharne had finally reached the age to be considered a man in his barbarian tribe he accompanied the warriors of his people on one of their raiding parties. By the luck of the gods they attacked a group of traveling bards. As he was waiting in ambush for the signal from their leader Kharne was captivated by the wondrous sounds of the bards music. Never before had he heard such beautiful sounds, so much more soothing than the gutteral chanting of his people. After the fighting was over Kharne made a point to grab one of the instruments off the performer’s bodies. He would later learn it was called a lute and spent the next few years practicing every day trying to reach the perfection he heard that fateful day. Eight years later Kharne is revered among his kinsmen as one of the most talented performers and warriors to ever emerge from their tribe. After a successful hunt the people gather around the tribal hall and listen as Kharne relays the tale of their victory in song. With the upcoming festivals Kharne is prepared to win pride for his tribe and newfound companions.


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