Tyre Nu Rugae

The bastard half-elf archeologist

  • S9 D13 C14 I14 W10 Ch17
  • AC13 HP 19
  • Skills— Arcana, Deception,History,Investigation, Perception, Persuasion
  • Speaks Common, Elvish, Draconic, Infernal
  • Darkvision- Up to 60 ft in nonmagic darkness
  • Fey Ancestry- Advantage on saving throws against being charmed and immunue to magic sleep
  • Awakened mind- One way telepathic communication to one creature within 30 ft
    *Agonizing Blast- Add Ch modifier to Eldritch Blast Damage
    *Book of Ancient Secrets- Has Find Familiar and Alarm written in it

Lovecraft the Gull- Move 60ft AC 11 . Wisdom 14 (+2)- Passive Perception 14— Advantage on Perception that relies on sight.

0- Eldritch Blast, Friends, Vicious Laughter, Thaumaturgy, Guidance
1- Dissonant Whispers, Hex
2- Hold Person, Suggestion

Current Gear

  • Main- Dagger, Component Pouch, Studded Leather Armour (with hat), Ancient Book, Tanglebloom Orb
  • Quest- Ancient Medallion, Book on Ancient Pacts
  • Misc- Fine Clothes, Signet Ring, Scroll of Heraldy, 5x Quills, Ink, Parchment, 5 x Chalk, Dungeoneer’s Pack, 7 Gold Teeth
  • GP:153 SP:2 CP:9—— 8 Honour

Description- The bastard of a noble elven family. A tall reedy half-elf with mostly elven features. Could pass for a pure-blood elf if not for the shaggy black hair he inherited from his mother. Lately his restless dreams have given him deep bags under his eyes

History- Tyre Nu Ruguae is the bastard son of Pater Ruguae, the pious head of a noble house in the Worthy Sanctified Domain. The Ruguae family viewed Tyre as a embarrassment, his mere existence serving as a constant reminder of his father’s past indiscretion. Desperate to find his own path away from his family Tyre began to pursue the study of archeology. However he cared less about the history of ancient civilizations and more about earning renown and wealth. By discovering ancient artifacts, Tyre hoped to forge a reputation as a dashing treasure hunter. Unfortunately this dream died after his first expedition.

A few months ago a ancient temple rose just off the coast of the Worthy Sanctified Domian. Seeing an opportunity, Tyre begged his father to fund an expedition to explore it. His father agreed, seeing it as a way to keep Tyre out of the way for a few months. With his father’s financing, Tyre hired a small group of mercenaries and set out for the temple. Sadly disaster struck the second his party entered the temple. As soon as the group entered the main foyer, the temple gates slammed shut behind them, plunging them into a darkness filled with skittering horrors. They barely had time to light torches, before a swarm of horrific creatures fell upon them, slaughtering them all. As his men died around him Tyre fled deeper into the temple, eventually coming to its very heart; A massive room covered in carvings of forgotten deities. In the center of the room, a skeleton sat in an massive throne with a ancient book laid on its lab and an ancient medallion around its neck. Tyre, being a curious idiot, decided to investigate this. To his surprise he found he could read the ancient text. As he read the book aloud, he felt a great presence turn its attention to him, causing him to pass out. His dreams were filled with inhuman whispers that taught him the secrets of ancient magic. He awoke on a misty beach back on the main land, the book in one hand and the mysterious medallion in the other. Since that fateful day Tyre has been searching for answers. The whispers are getting louder and Tyre is desperate to figure out what kind of entity has taken an interest in him.

Tyre Nu Rugae

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