Origin Island


Origin Island is the largest, single island in the Archipelago and it sits in the approximate center. It is often called the “Main Land” by merchants from far off islands. Natives of Origin Island often refer to the 6 major regions of the island, rather than the island as a whole.

The 6 sections of Origin Island are: The Growing Peninsula, the Worthy Sanctified Domain, the Corridor of Progress, the Proving Grounds, the Raging Cliffs, and Maelstrom Point.

Each region has its own distinct subcultures and feels as though it is a separate entity from the rest of the island. The exception is Maelstrom Point, which has served as neutral ground for generations. While there has never been open war between the regions, there is often tension between the peoples of each based on long held philosophies.


The people of the Growing Peninsula worship life, revere nature, and practice sustainable living. They respect the people of the Raging Cliffs and befriend the people of the Worthy Sanctified Domain, but come to blows with the peoples of the Proving Grounds and Corridor of Progress.

The people of the WSD live orderly lives in service of their deities and traditions. They also strive to protect and expand their civilizations. The Worthy worship with those from the GP and study with those from the Corridor, but cannot tolerate those from the Cliffs or Grounds.

The Progressive value dedicated scholarship and ingenuity above all else. They will learn what they can from whoever they meet but favor moral dialogue with people from the WSD and discussion of tactics with Groundlings. People from the Corridor abhor the impulsiveness of Ragers and disregard the natural ways of the people of the Peninsula.

People from the Proving Grounds focus inwardly and develop a strong sense of independence. They admire the boldness of people from the Cliffs and the cunning of Progressives, but are stifled by the judgement of the Worthy and feel vilified by those from the GP.

The Ragers express themselves openly and without restraint, with passion superseding logic in all things. They enjoy the honesty of Peninsula people and the tenacity of Groundlings. Ragers cannot stand the aloof Progressives or the inflexible Worthy.

Origin Island

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